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With the effect of Maha- RERA Act, there is a transparency in transactions; like buyer can study project details on RERA Website. Even RERA makes it mandatory to give possession of property at predetermined time, That makes the Act Consumer friendly.

The home loan interest rates has been declined. We can say Lowest interest rates in 5 years. Then there is ‘Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana’ which provides interest rate subsidy for first time home buyers. Young generation can grab this opportunity.

We see there are many property options available at decent rates through out pune. The development in construction technology assures home with superior quality and advanced facilities. So it is the best time for purchasing new property.



Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment is famous these days. It is focused and long-term instrument. An investor can benefit in two ways. First one is customer start getting rental income and if the property is purchased for long-term then its value definitely appreciates.

Investors can get good returns provided they keep it for Long term. Real estate investment is less volatile in value as compared to stocks or equity-linked investments.

If a person is investing for the first time in Real Estate then it is important to get the advice of Real Estate Experts.



Mental Preparation for purchasing Real Estate Property

Purchasing New Real Estate Property requires basic legal knowledge. It is huge decision so it is obvious to get confused so homework becomes necessary. You consult your relatives and friends. But relatives and friends have limited experience. There you need expert’s advice. The RERA Act has ensured transparency in the transaction.

We have come across people who have adequate money; still, they take years to purchase the property; for which we call decision making anxiety; anxiety to spend money.

One should purchase the property at the young age so they can plan loan accordingly and we recommend new properties where you get advanced facilities and infrastructure.

Let get the best advice for the new real estate property from Prasad The Real Estate Adviser   


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